Chinos comprando

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Chinos comprando

Mensajepor Dalamar » 28 Oct 2017 07:18

Los chinos tienen mucho dinero y no paran de comprar inmobiliaria en Asia:


Formerly, U.S. investors were seen as putting upward pressure on New Zealand property prices but their interest has been dwarfed by a more recent influx of Chinese buyers.

September data from the Real Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) showed the country’s largest city of Auckland had a median home price of $845,000 New Zealand dollars ($582,000). That figure is almost double the median reported by REINZ back in November 2008.

In the capital city of Wellington, the same data set revealed a 10.6 percent median price increase to $531,000 New Zealand dollars. The REINZ survey is based on actual sale price.


Chinese investors are buying up assets in Australia from housing to ports to agriculture.

One area where that trend is particular noticeable: Chinese investment in Australia's agricultural sector went from $300 million to more than $1 billion over the past year.

Part of what's driving that trend is Chinese investors looking to Australia as fertile ground to produce goods that they'll sell back in China. There's heavy demand from China's booming middle class for Australian-produced fruits, meats, wine, dairy and minerals.

In fact, those shoppers have grown to trust "Made in Australia" on the whole. After outbreaks in China from tainted infant formula, Australian-produced formula has been a market winner for Chinese consumers.

Yet, according to Credit Suisse, demand is still high and not expected to slow. One of the reasons is China's increasingly wealthy population.

In 2011, the combined wealth of all of China's millionaires was nearly equal to the value of Australia's total housing stock. Today, however, China's wealthy are worth twice as much as the housing stock.

Credit Suisse forecasts combined wealth of the China's elite will continue to grow at a faster pace.

Para invertir en inmobiliaria.. Asia... por la demografia flujo de dinero etc... pero con paciencia, cuando se vean oportunidades y buenos precios.
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