Peter Lynch Earnings Line

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Peter Lynch Earnings Line

Mensajepor Dalamar » 04 Ene 2015 08:00

Un sistema que sin lugar a dudas vale la pena analizar y replicar:

The Powerful Chart That Made Peter Lynch 29% A Year For 13 Years

Peter Lynch, the best mutual fund manager ever, revealed a powerful charting tool that helped him to achieve a gain of 29.2% in his portfolios for 13 years. In this chart, Peter Lynch drew the stock price and the earnings per share together and aligned the value of $1 in earnings per share to $15 in stock price. He wrote in pages 164-165 of the book:

“A quick way to tell if a stock is overpriced is to compare the price line to the earnings line. If you bought familiar growth companies – such as Shoney’s, The Limited, or Marriott – when the stock price fell well below the earnings line, and sold them when the stock price rose dramatically above it, the chances are you’d do pretty well.”
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