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por Dalamar
22 Oct 2017 16:48
Foro: Renta fija
Tema: La curva de tipos de interés
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Re: La curva de tipos de interés

Un punto de vista interesante...
por Dalamar
22 Oct 2017 06:40
Foro: Sobre Dubai
Tema: Constructora EMAAR (Dubai)
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Re: Constructora EMAAR (Dubai)

Emaar va como un tiro... Y eso es significativo, hay mucho movimiento en Dubai! Emaar Development LLC, the unit of Emaar Properties PJSC planning an initial public offering in Dubai, reported a 32% jump in nine-month profit as apartment sales surged. Comprehensive income for Emaar’s domestic develop...
por Dalamar
22 Oct 2017 04:54
Foro: Off-Topic
Tema: Inteligencia Artificial
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Re: Inteligencia Artificial

If rapidly-improving artificial intelligence can provide the markets with innovations to improve the workplace, some jobs could see skyrocketing wage growth while others could become obsolete. Ver:
por Dalamar
21 Oct 2017 10:56
Foro: Análisis contrarian
Tema: Optimismo en 2017?
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Re: Optimismo en 2017?

No parece que 2017 vaya a terminar mal...

Thomson Reuters data (by the numbers from This Week in Earnings, 10/20/17)

Fwd 4-qtr estimate: $142.24
P.E ratio: 18.1(x)
PEG ratio: 1.79(x)
SP 500 earnings yield: 5.52%
Year-over-year growth of fwd estimate: +10.13% versus last week’s +9.8%.
por Dalamar
21 Oct 2017 09:41
Foro: Otros
Tema: Impresoras en 3D
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Re: Impresoras en 3D

El hype de las impresoras 3d ya pasó y ahora que empiezan a imprimir metales pueden ser realmente utiles... pondremos PNRT en el radar.
por Dalamar
21 Oct 2017 06:53
Foro: Laboratorio de inversion y especulacion
Tema: Objetivo 20%
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Re: Objetivo 20%

Un sistema que puede ser interesante, es el basado en short interest bajo: We find that short interest-related mispricing is strongest among stocks with the most lottery-like characteristics, which are preferred by retail investors. Negative alphas for high relative short interest (RSI) stocks and p...
por Dalamar
20 Oct 2017 09:56
Foro: Sobre Dubai
Tema: La demanda de inmobiliaria en Dubai
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Re: La demanda de inmobiliaria en Dubai

Los proximos años seguramente sean buenos en Dubai... suelo a la vista! (Y creo que en Abu Dhabi tambien)
por Dalamar
20 Oct 2017 07:35
Foro: Salud
Tema: Azucar
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Re: Azucar

Relacion entre cancer y azucar.. Belgian scientists say they’ve made a research breakthrough in the relationship between sugar and cancer. Researchers found yeast with high levels of the sugar known as glucose overstimulated the same proteins often found mutated inside human tumors, making cells gro...

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